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Personal Finance Management

Version: | Size: 2.65M | Downloads: 3.035

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Complete, beautiful and easy to use: the financial manager of the crowd!
Financial Manager is an application for financial control, as the name suggests, aims to manage the entire cash flow of your life, working as a personal finance manager.

You know how much you spend every month with the supermarket? And with pleasure? With Financial Manager, all your transactions are categorized and presented in graphs and reports that help you analyze your financial life.

The program offers a quick way to record all your expenses, with date, location, amount, type and account. You can check all through a list calculated in real time, in addition to having interactive graphs that quickly analyze your spending.

The program is also able to generate a document that can be opened in Excel. Filter types of information, such as term accounts or expense type. In addition, the app has a widget for quick information.

Financial Manager is a personal finance manager that offers control mechanisms of all your monthly income and expenses, managing all the values ​​that go in and out of your account (or accounts).

The program is a complete option for those who want to remain financially in control. The system of revenue and expenditure functions simply and allows you to add different information to a domain more effective.

Within the target

You can add all your bank accounts and to set goals for spending, with optional reminder overflow quota. This is very interesting for those who want to set a ceiling of monthly spend and do not intend to overtake him.

In addition, Financial Manager offers options extract, report and graph to leave you well informed about their spending. Are great ways to view the data entered, and keep track of where the money comes from and where it goes.

Easy control

The application has a simple interface, with menus in list form that facilitate its use. In addition, each time you open a menu, you can access all program options by sliding your finger from left to right - a pattern of Android that makes life easier for users.

The program has several options very complete and proves to be a great option for controlling their monthly expenses. Easy to use and with a simple interface, any user can manage their spending without being experienced in the economy.


Easy to use
Simple interface and beautiful
Allows you to add meta
With various configuration options
Visualize expenses in graph form
Allows you to export the data to Excel

Read more at: ixzz2YyQnBghq


Quick Registration Expenses by type and payment
List all expenses and calculate the total time that
Interactive Chart for rapid analysis of expenditure
Generates Excel to be able to save your expenses
Widget for quick consultation and registration expenses
Filter by Type of Expense, Payment and Period
Monthly statement by type of expenditure
Autocomplete for quick registration expenses.


- Fixed issue with dates
- Added configuration Manual Language.
- Change the layout of buttons!


- Fixed problem changing Recipe
- Filter expense ordination

This version is Free, you will have to use all the features for a period of 15 days. Apóis that the application is still Free but with some features unavailable!



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Nao eh a pro

instalei por aqui achando que a funcionalidade do cartão estaria desbloqueada, mas não está... eh a mesma versão free do google play


1 year ago


Sharley De Sá

muito bom!!!!


2 months ago


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