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Make fitness fun with this personal trainer and social fitness partner.

Endomondo is the highest rated app of its kind on Android and ideal for running, cycling, walking and any other distance-based activity.

Join 9 million users and start freeing your endorphins!

Please see What's New on Google Play for latest changes.

FREE features:

* Track any outdoor sport including duration, distance, speed and calories

* Enter a workout manually, e.g., a treadmill run or weight training

* Get audio feedback for every mile or km while exercising

* Get live peptalks from friends - they write a short text on our website which is then read out loud to you seconds later

* See your route on a map

* Track your heart rate (works with Polar Wearlink® + transmitter with Bluetooth® and Zephyr heart rate monitor, more info at

* View history of workouts and study split times per km or mile

* Set a distance goal and have the audio coach speak to that as your target

* Sync workouts across multiple platforms (web entry, certain watches, file import - signup required)

* Post workouts to Facebook Timeline

* See your friends' latest workouts in real-time

* Race against a friend’s time and have the audio coach help you perform better

* Compete on a specific route nearby and race against the route champion

* Follow your friends' latest activities with the social widget on your phone's home screen

* Keep a log of your music playlist for each workout

* Study routes nearby and use the map to navigate your way around

* Set the app to pause automatically when you are not moving

* Enable countdown

* Customize the main screen to show the information that you find most valuable

* Get instant feedback by tapping your (wired) headset’s media button

* Pause and resume a workout by long pressing your (wired) headset's media button

* Integrate with bike speed & cadence and heart rate monitor sensors using ANT+

* Integrate with SonyEricsson's SmartWatch as a SmartExtra

* Access all your online settings: Profile, sharing, privacy, workout, audio & accessories

If you sign up, all data is sent automatically to your personal training diary and the social fitness network at This is the place to analyze your training, compete against your friends, follow others live and communicate with active people throughout the world, no matter what GPS phone or tracking device they are using.

Time to free your endorphins!

Check out Endomondo Sports Tracker if you also want interval training, graphs, the ability to race against yourself, time and calorie goal functionality and low power mode.

NOTE: We are asking for permissions to access your personal information and read contacts. We ask for this to make you able to connect with your friends, challenge them and follow them directly on your phone. We will read names and email addresses from your contacts ONLY if you actively choose to do so within the app. -



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Erg Ditch

chouette application qui me donne tout ce dont j'ai besoin pour évoluer dans mon sport! ! avec la musique dans les oreilles, que demander de plus?


1 month ago



Estou a ter dificuldade em conetar o sensor de ritmo cardíaco Bluetooth da polar com a aplicação.


10 months ago



it is very good help for any person. do it. I like it. Thank you.


1 year ago


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