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Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange

Version: 6.2.1 | Size: 1.15M | Downloads: 2.340

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Tasks & Notesis a Holo themed fully featured tasks, notes and check-list app withMicrosoft Exchange ActiveSync (Corporate, Office365 and Hotmail)support. Synchronize your items between your tablet, phone and PC with your Exchange server or any calendar provider.Reviews☆☆☆☆☆ “Best note app with sync - I've long been looking for a note app that synced with Exchange, and this does just that. Just perfect!” - Customer feedback
☆☆☆☆☆ “Great for text notes - More responsive than Evernote. Perfect for simple text notes, and sync to Google calendar without needing another account to manage.” - Customer feedback
☆☆☆☆☆ “Fantastic - Great job.” - Customer feedback

See FAQ for more information:■ Synchronization (multiple devices and PC) with auto update and indication
■ Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support (Notes and Tasks), AutoDiscover, multiple folders
■ Widget (views, folders, add, direct edit)
■ Share items with friends via any other app (Email, SMS etc.)
■ Share notes directly into the app (create items from any other app)
■ Notes, Tasks and Check-Lists
■ Quick new item and voice
■ Tablet and swipe support
■ Multiple accounts integrated with Android, folders, management, combined view and colors
■ Tags/Categories with colors and management
■ Shortcuts - Quick voice / type and Quick edit
■ Search, sort, views
■ Themes
■ Choose accounts to be displayed
■ Backup / Restore XML functionality
■ Holo interface
■ Free and no adsTasks & Notes■ Task reminders and notification with Dismiss and Snooze actions
■ Tasks calendar created - displays tasks in your calendar or calendar widgets
■ Style your notes with bold, italic and underline
■ BBCode compatible (used for styling so users can easily continue working on their PCs)
■ Links displayed and clickable (might cause FC on some ROMs, turn off the option in such case)
■ Pinch to zoom
■ Displays account name and color
■ Last modification time
■ Smooth and fast scrolling for large notes
■ Font customization (wrap, font size and font name)
■ Tasks properties and groups (group by due and category)
■ Move items between folders
■ Quick Actions (Title, Priority, Due, Completed, Move To Folder)
■ Delete completed tasksCheck-List■ Create shopping and to-do lists
■ Can be edited on your PC
■ Sort, reset and order items in your check-list
■ Context menu for extended actions
■ Check and uncheck items
■ Special structured text noteSynchronization■ Two modes
■ Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
■ Integrates with your existing calendars as events (events in the far future)Exchange ActiveSync■ Supports Exchange ActiveSync protocol 2.5, 12.1 and 14.0
■ Requires Exchange server 2010 for Notes (Tasks work with any version)
■ Setup a new account in Settings - Accounts - Add account
■ For Office 365 use server and for Hotmail/ use server
■ Client certificate support
■ Custom port
■ Supported servers: MS Exchange 2003-2013, Office 365,, Hotmail, OneNote Outlook, Tine, Kerio, IceWarp, Zimbra, Zarafa, Z-Push, Horde and others

See our website for more information and FAQ



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seems really well put together and i cant wait to try it out!


7 months ago


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MD5: bf6c7150cac4ec77198e999b8e8dfb7c
Signature SHA1: 8B:D5:80:F0:AF:C5:4A:29:96:1F:A6:65:8B:A7:BB:3C:11:DB:38:38
Developer (CN): Jakub Klos
Organization (O): MyKlos
Locality (L): Prague
Country (C): Czech Republic [CZ]
State/city (ST): CZ
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